Interview with artist Margaret Johnston

Margaret Johnston (27) is a very talented artist. Despite her young age, she has managed to create a large collection of artworks. Margaret has been a very loyal customer of HelloCanvas since 2016. We wonder why Margaret is a customer, which products she often orders and what moves Margaret as an artist.

Margaret, thank you for sitting down with us. How did you find our company?

"I have been painting for as long as I can remember. I had finished a large painting that I had been working on for a long time, and I was looking for some distraction….away from painting. I started taking photos and after taking a great photo in Brighton, I searched online for a company where I could order canvas prints. Google pointed me in your direction and after reading some great reviews, I decided to order and the result was stunning. After a while I developed an idea to print my photo on canvas and then paint over it. I completely focus on this now. I find the contrast between photo and painting so incredibly cool."

I have never seen a canvas print that is so solid and beautiful at the same time

We often see artists that have something printed and then paint over it. The effect is very special. What attracted you to our company and why are you still a customer?

"First of all, the price. Prices are low but apparently that is still possible in combination with your quality, because your quality remains extremely high. I have never seen a canvas print that is so solid and beautiful at the same time. Also the true colours of the print remain and I love that. After all I have to make it into a piece of art and quality is very important.

When I bought my fifth or sixth canvas print something went wrong with the inks. There was a small spot on the canvas. You could hardly see it but it bothered me so I decided to call anyway. You have solved this directly and the next day I already had a new photo on canvas at home. I was surprised at how well you handled this. I really felt appreciated as a customer."

Eiffel tower on canvas

Great to hear you are so positive. Sometimes things can go wrong, also with us but we believe this should be solved quickly and correctly. That's just part of our service. Tell us something more about painting over your photos on canvas prints. How do you proceed?

"I focus on taking nature pictures and I paint over them with oil paint. I want to keep seeing parts of the photo because I believe this gives a really nice effect and a feeling of depth. Your canvas is reinforced with cardboard at the back so I can put a lot of paint on it without weakening the canvas. That would obviously be something that I do not want to happen. I'm, depending on the size of the painting and whats on it, sometimes painting for days. Not all day, sometimes an hour or so and then I put it away to continue the next day."

Who do you sell your paintings to?

"I used to give away my artworks because I found it difficult to price them. This is different now and I sell my art to a diverse group of customers. For example I recently sold 9 pieces to a hotel in France. A great assignment for a, for me, fair price."

Do you buy other products from HelloCanvas?

"Yes! If I do not want to paint my photos I often print them on HD metal. HD metal prints are stunning and the quality is sensational. Its more expensive but I feel it's worth it. I ordered a framed print a couple of weeks ago and I also loved that. I want to do more with that in the near future."

What moves you as an artist and how do you find your inspiration?

"I am inspired by nature which is where I take my photos. Nature always determines the composition. I can take a nice photo but the art is in nature itself as far as I'm concerned. The composition and colours determine how I paint them but this also depends on my state of mind. I often use bright colours and if I'm not so happy I use a lot of dark shades, which I later find my most beautiful paintings. Crazy enough these are making me more cheerful."

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