What are floating frames?

Good question, we love to explain it.

Floating frames were traditionally used to transport precious paintings. The canvas was placed in the "bin" with some space, so that the painting could not be damaged quickly during transport. Incidentally, this was at a time when the frames of artworks became the art themselves. Golden, silver and showy frames added some style to the paintings. They had not heard of minimalism yet :)

In the current transport packaging for valuable works of art you still recognize this form. Somewhere in history apparently someone thought it was wonderful to leave the "bin" around the painting and to hang it on the wall. And we share this opinion completely! The canvas print seems to float in the frame and this gives a beautiful spatial effect. The photo on canvas print is framed nicely, it stands out beautifully and is an eyecatcher on the wall! We supply our floating frames in three colors: black, white and bare wood. A floating frame for your canvas print is definitely worth a try. You will be amazed by the result!

What are floating frames?
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