Colours & filters

The colour of your photo determines everything. For example, a photo on canvas in colour or in black and white is often a difference between day and night. Some photos might need great vidid colours to shine, while other photos need black and white to give a timeless and historical feeling for the best result.

But there is much more possible! Below you find a great explanation on how to boost your photos, without being a professional photo editor, with colours and filters at HelloCanvas!

Colour and black & white

We created 2 samples below to show why some photos are better in colour and some in black & white. The first photo is a brilliantly coloured and vivid photo that does not come out that strong in black & white. Even though there are some strong colours, the contrast is not so big. Putting this in black & white will create a lot of grey areas without contrast.

Coloured macarons Macarons black & white

The photo below is an example where the black & white version is more vivid and stunning to see. Black & white makes the photo look timeless and mysterious. In addition the high contract is best viewed in a black & white version.

Panther black & white Panther

Instagram filters

Instagram is part of our daily lives and so are the great filters that this app offers. The filters give each photo a different look but once your photos have been edited on Instagram, the resolution has become so low that we can no longer use it for a photo on canvas or one of our other photo products. For that reason we offer, in our ordering system, the possibility to edit your photo with similar Instagram filters. Below you will find an example of all the filters we offer to give your canvas print, HD metal print or your framed photo the Instagram filter it deserves. Click here to order a product and see which filter fits best with your photo.


Photo with Instagram X-Pro filter


Photo with Instagram Lofi filter


Photo with Instagram Earlybird filter


Photo with Instagram Inkwell filter


Photo with Instagram Nashville filter


Photo with Instagram Kelvin filter

Photo with sepia filter

Sepia is a brown coloured filter. Also called Sepia toning. Sepia toning was formerly used in photography as a method to make the print more sustainable. The brownish tint is therefore often associated with aging and nostalgia. Applied, in particular, to a photo on canvas this gives a nostalgic atmosphere to the photo. Below you will find two examples of photographs that can be beautifully printed in sepia.

Photo with sepia filter Photo with sepia filter
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